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David B. Feldman, S. Andrew Lasher, Ira Byock
Final Journeys: A Practical Guide for Bringing Care and Comfort at the End of Life
Maggie Callanan
A Better Way of Dying: How to Make the Best Choices at the End of Life
Jeanne Fitzpatrick, Eileen M. Fitzpatrick, William H. Colby, William Colby
Handbook for Mortals: Guidance for People Facing Serious Illness
Joanne Lynn, Janice Lynn Schuster, Joan Harrold
Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success
Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler
Doug Dorst, J.J. Abrams
Dances in Two Worlds: A Writer-Artist's Backstory
Thordis Simonsen
Tigers in Red Weather
Liza Klaussmann, Katherine Kellgren

Where We Belong

Where We Belong - Emily Giffin I like that I finished The Girl Who Chased the Moon and then started this; the one segued into the other quite nicely, ending with a secret adopted daughter searching for her birth parents and beginning with the same.

However, I didn't love this story. I mean, it was ok. I don't dislike it. I just didn't connect. And I felt a bit preached at - I felt there was an underlying "abortion is not ok even though the main adult character is saying she doesn't judge" message as well as a "teenage sex is not ok" and "moms are bitches" messages. That was probably just me but I just kept feeling like I was being gently lectured...which is silly since I've never had a child and teenage sex isn't a problem for me (I don't have teenagers and I'm really old)
But the main dads in the story were all cool so, that's good right?

I also didn't like the reader. Actually, it's more accurate to say I didn't like her teen voices. She was fine for the adult voices but her teen voices grated on my nerves. I wish they'd have found someone else to narrate Kirby.